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Online News Popularity Prediction

Supervised Learning | Radom Forest

The objective of this project is to predict the popularity of articles published by Mashable website.

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Predictions of Admissions to Master’s Degree

Supervised Learning | Linear Regression

Using a Linear Regression Algorithm, this project was developed to predict the chance of admission of foreign students to Master’s Degree Programs in American Colleges.

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Principal Components Analysis with NumPy

Python | NumPy

Applying PCA to a dataset without using any of the popular machine learning libraries such as scikit-learn and statsmodels.

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Shopper Segmentation

Unsupervised Learning | K-Means

The objective of this project is to segment shoppers from a dataset given. K-Means, Agglomerative and DBSCAN are the three different unsupervised machine learning algorithms used for the project.

[GitHub Repo]

Women Legal Rights in the World

Python | Seaborn | Pandas | Matplotlib

This is an Analytic Report of legal gender differentiation around the world. The analysis of data collected in 187 countries, from 2009 to 2018, highlights the inequity in terms of laws and regulations.

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